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Staying Safe at Public Events

Why Should You Choose Rock Concert Tickets For Your Child’s Next Birthday?

Posted by on Jan 26, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Why Should You Choose Rock Concert Tickets For Your Child’s Next Birthday?

Rock concert tickets, for your child’s birthday? Yep, that’s right. You typically go with Legos or a new doll. But, this year you want something that will make an extra splash. Maybe it’s a big birthday (such as your child’s thirteenth or sweet 16) or you just want to reward her with an extra-special surprise. If you’re considering gifting your lucky kiddo with tickets, check out why and how this gift can be the ideal option for a child. It’s a Memory-Maker Think back to your own youth. It’s likely that your very first rock concert is a major memory. Now you have the chance to give your child this same gift. Whether she’s been non-stop talking about her favorite band or you’re hearing her play the same songs over and over and over again, giving her tickets to her first show is also giving her a memory to keep forever. You’re In Control Even if your child is now a teen, she still needs guidance and parenting. Giving her rock concert tickets helps you stay in control of the situation. There’s no, “Mom, I want to go see a show in a city two hours away” if you buy the tickets. Why not? Well, because you can choose where and when your child is going to see the concert. If it does happen to be in another city, you can book the trip before she even knows about it, avoiding the possibility that she’ll try to tag along with a few older friends who are driving themselves. Tickets Are Different How many of your child’s friends get tickets to a rock show for their birthdays? Probably not many. For that matter, it’s probably not a gift that your child has ever gotten before. This is a stand-out present that will make your child take notice. Even though the tickets aren’t something that she can keep forever (such as a toy), she’ll appreciate them even more than all of the other gifts she’s gotten. Your Child Will Feel Special This is her night. It’s your child’s birthday and she wants to feel like a princess. Getting to go to a rock concert (and possibly getting to treat a few of her BFFs to one) will make her feel special. She’ll appreciate the thought that you put into the gift and she’ll adore the idea that she’s getting to see her favorite band on her big day. Even though rock concert tickets aren’t exactly the norm when it comes to birthday presents, your child will gladly accept this gift. Whether she’s hitting a major milestone or you just want to try out something different, taking her (and maybe her friends too) to a concert is a memory-making way to say “I love you” that she’ll never...

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Types Of Glassware Rentals For Events

Posted by on Dec 9, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Types Of Glassware Rentals For Events

If you’re hosting a large event, such as a wedding reception, 50th anniversary celebration, or a baby or bridal shower, it may make more sense to rent glassware rather than use your own. Not only can you tailor the types of glasses that you’ll need for the event, the pieces can even be washed and reused by rental staff throughout the event if needed. Another perk is that you won’t have to wash all of the glassware at the end of the event yourself. You and your guests will simply leave the glassware at the event venue at the end of the soiree, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning them before their return. There are several types of party glassware rental options available, ranging from fun, playful, and casual to elegant and sophisticated. You may also be able to choose glass colors that match the theme of the special event, such as wedding colors or pink or blue for a baby shower. You can also pick and choose the type of glassware you want to rent according to the types of drinks you’ll be serving during the celebration. Another benefit is that the cost of the rentals will most likely be less than purchasing all of the glassware yourself. Here are some types of glassware available for rental: 1. Wine Glasses  If you’ll be serving wine during the affair, make sure to have plenty of elegant wine glasses on hand. You can choose either red or white wine glasses, or a mixture of both. They are also available without stems if that’s what you prefer.  If you want to give the rented glassware a personalized touch, enhance them with wine glass charms to coordinate with the event theme, such as palm trees and flamingos for a tropical-inspired reception, or hearts and cupids for an anniversary celebration. 2. Water Goblets Consider renting sophisticated crystal water goblets for a fancy fête. Even if you won’t be serving alcohol at the event, the guests will feel special when sipping water from the sparkling goblets. 3. Martini and Margarita Glasses  Depending on the type of event you’re hosting and what type of beverages you’ll be serving, martini and margarita glasses may come in handy. If you’re having and open bar, be sure to include a mix of on-the-rocks, beer, and mixed-drink glasses as well. 4. Champagne Flutes  If you’ll be toasting a new bride and groom or any other celebrant, rent an elegant champagne flute for each adult attendee as well.  5. Mason Jars  Ideal for country-inspired or barn receptions, glass mason jars will give an event a charming, down-home...

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It’s Time To Plan Your Big Day: 4 Questions To Ask The Venue Manager

Posted by on Oct 7, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on It’s Time To Plan Your Big Day: 4 Questions To Ask The Venue Manager

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, you want to avoid as much stress as possible. When it comes time to arrange for the venue, be sure that you get everything in writing. Not only will it make planning easier, it will also reduce miscommunications between you and the venue manager. When you sit down to discuss plans and fee’s, it’s important that you know what questions to ask. Here are four questions that you should have on your list when you meet with the venue manager. Is Food and Cake Included in the Price? When planning for the venue, it’s important that you determine whether or not food and cake will be included in the price. If the food and cake aren’t included, it’s important to find out if you’ll be allowed to choose your own caterer. In some cases, venues prefer you to choose from a list of their preferred caterers. What Accessories Are Included in the Price? Once you have the venue chosen, you’ll need to find out what accessories are included in the price. For instance, are the tables and chairs included? If not, do they have them available for rental, or will you need to go through a party rental company for those items? It’s also important for you to find out if things like table linens and chair covers are included in the rental price. Will There Be Separate Set-Up and Take-Down Charges? On the day of your reception, the venue will need to be set up and taken down. In some cases, venues require you to pay a separate fee for those services. When you’re discussing the cost of the venue rental, be sure to determine whether setup and take down is included in the cost. Is There a Charge for Going Over on the Time? When it comes to celebrations, there’s never any sure way to determine that the festivities will end when they’re supposed to. In fact, many celebrations go over the allotted time. If you think that your reception might go over schedule, be sure to ask if there’s a charge for going over the time limit. If there is a charge, find out what those fees will be. This will allow you to plan for the added costs so that you don’t have to end the celebration before you’re ready. You’re planning the perfect wedding. Make sure you get the day of your dreams. The list provided above will help you ask the right questions when it comes time to make arrangements for the venue. Talk to venues like Rolling Meadows Ranch for more...

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Having An Outdoor Family Reunion At A State Park? Consider Renting These Pieces Of Equipment

Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Having An Outdoor Family Reunion At A State Park? Consider Renting These Pieces Of Equipment

If you’ve decided to have a family reunion outdoors at a state park, that can be a great way for your family to enjoy each other’s company. However, you might not realize you’ll need more than tables and chairs to make sure everyone has a good time. Here are some pieces of equipment you might considering renting for your big event. Tents One of the reasons you may have chosen a state park for your family reunion is because of all the open space it provides for a big group of people. However, what will happen if it rains? Many state parks have some kind of shelter for those who visit, but your family may have to split up to find shelter in a number of different areas, joining others who are at the park that day. To make sure your family can stay together and still enjoy their time at the park, considering renting a large tent for the reunion. A tent can keep you covered in the event of inclement weather, but even if the sun shines on the day of your event, it can also provide shade so people don’t get too hot Food Equipment Whatever meal you want to serve at your reunion, you can rent everything you need to feed all the people who attend. Instead of relying on the tiny grills many state park provide on their grounds, you can rent a grill that is big enough to accommodate food for a large family event. You can also rent chafers to ensure that cooked food remains warm. If you really want to impress everyone, you can even rent a chocolate fountain for dessert. Beverages should also be kept in mind; while you may purchase bottles of water and different kinds of soda, having something warm on hand might be a good idea, particularly as the day winds down. Hot beverage dispensers that can provide tea and coffee to your family can be a success. Games Spending time with your family can be more fun when you have games and activities planned. To keep the kids happy, you can rent a bouncy castle or a dunking booth. Just be sure that the gaming equipment is allowed by the state park. Now that you have some idea of the kinds of things you can rent to make your family’s big event a success, sit down with an event equipment rental company to determine which equipment will best suit your reunion. With the right equipment in place, you can be confident that your family will have a great...

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Throwing A Family Reuinion? Try A Conference Center

Posted by on Jul 30, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Throwing A Family Reuinion? Try A Conference Center

If you are planning your family reunion in the DC area, you likely want a large venue where you can have privacy and space to entertain. A conference center can meet your needs in many ways. Discover the benefits of a conference center for your family reunion here. Catering Many conference centers offer catering for your event. Talk to an event coordinator of a conference center of your choosing to discuss the various catering options available to you. You can have access to small snacks and beverages while providing the rest of your own food, or you can discuss larger catering packages that include meals and servers. Private, large space If your family reunion is large, you may be worried about where everyone is going to park their vehicles. Conference centers can arrange parking spaces close to the conference room entry doors so your family doesn’t have to worry about finding paid parking in your DC location. A conference room can be arranged with tables and chairs by your event coordinator to ensure that everyone has a comfortable spot to claim. Electronics Part of your family reunion may involve desiring access to a microphone and projector screen to keep all family members engaged. If you want these additional services so you can share stories or show family videos and pictures, this can be arranged for an added fee. Conference centers have all the technology you need to make your event go off without a hitch. Customer service If you choose conference facilities in DC, the staff who work at the front desk of the center and the event coordinators will make sure everyone feels welcome. They will guide your guests to the room and make sure the room’s temperature is comfortable. They will provide extra chairs and table if they are needed and make sure drinks and food trays stay plentiful if you arranged for any kind of catering service. This keeps you from feeling like you have to check on your own guests so you can enjoy your event even more. A family reunion should be a fun occasion, and conference centers in DC can make yours even more memorable. Whether you are worried about parking or want a small catered affair, a conference center and their staff can meet your needs. Talk to an event coordinator at a conference center in your area to discuss your family reunion so all your needs can be...

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Video Marketing: Gain Customers And Increase Profits

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If you are looking for new ways to advertise your business and you want to compete with other businesses that have a dominant online presence, video marketing is the way to go. It isn’t enough to just have pictures of your services on the Internet, but people want to see what you’re doing as well. If you’re considering creating videos and you aren’t sure what content is good or bad, or how to put what you filmed into something you can use, you want to find a video editing service. These services can put together great videos to get you the exposure you need. Video Marketing Emails Do you already have customers that would benefit from new services or products that you have? You can create a video to market the projects, and put the video out in your weekly email list. It’s great to keep in touch with your customers via email, and they will love that you can easily send them a video of your latest services or products in response to an inquiry email. Social Media Videos If your business isn’t on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social networks, you are missing out on cheap and free exposure. Getting people in your area or those that would use your services or products to follow you allows you to market to them regularly. These videos you create can grab attention on all of your social media outlets. People who like, comment or share your videos are giving you free advertising to their friends, family members and followed. Interactive Websites You can give a tour of your store, a video stream of your products, or even provide tutorials with videos if you want to have an interactive website. A website that is this helpful and informative is going to be a favorite by customers and future clients, and you’ll be glad you have great high quality videos for them to view. If you only have pictures of your business or text on your website, or if you haven’t taken advantage of all of the different video marketing tactics that are available, you need to talk with an online video editing and marketing team to see what you can do fast to compete with other businesses. This is going to help you reach out to thousands of people or possibly more, to increase your customer base and your profits each year. To learn more, contact a video editing company like Watrous Video...

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Wedding Design Ideas: 5 Tips for Perfecting Your Tent

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When planning for your special day outdoors, remember the fact that you can’t control the weather. A tent rental is something you may want to consider in case of rain or extreme heat. At the same time, you will want to perfect your tent so that it can become one of your many wedding accessories. Here are five tips to make your outdoor covering beautiful: 1. Incorporate Lighting throughout the Tent. Regardless of whether your wedding theme is traditional, modern, rustic or something else entirely, lighting can really help you achieve your ideal setting. It is one of the best ways to add a romantic feel to the tent and event. This can be done with light towers, globe chandeliers, or string lighting. If strings of lights are not really up your alley, you could opt for a few light fixtures, such as beautiful chandeliers or lanterns, to add a real visual appeal inside the tent. Place them sporadically for optimal results, as fixtures placed too close together can create a cluttered appearance. 2. Strategically Drape Fabric along the Ceiling. Fabric that is draped at various heights can really add depth to the overall tent. When lights are incorporated, the appearance can be even more breathtaking. Lights and fabric can work well together to create a very fairytale and effervescent charm to your wedding or reception. 3. Opt for a Colorful, Bold Tent. Most tent rentals are white, but why go with a traditional color when there are bolder options available? To add to your overall wedding décor, you may want to consider a bright, bold color, such as red. It is a quick, easy, and fantastic way to add a bit of exotic magic to your wedding. 4. Hang Some Flowers. Although lights can really enhance the overall appearance of the tent, you may find that you can use flowers to add even more of a picturesque appeal to the space. You can suspend the flowers from the ceiling, along with your light fixtures, to make it seem as if they are growing within. No matter how flowers are used, they can add a lovely charm to your wedding or reception. 5. Consider Going with One or Two Colors. If your aim is for a simple wedding in terms of décor, you may want to consider using one or two colors only. Some people tend to blend several colors together that complement one another. However, this can often be overwhelming. Monochromatic décor schemes can often be the best option for a simple, romantic appeal. For example, if your tent is white, you can go all-white with the majority of the décor and add a few light pink or gold (or any romantic color) accents. This creates a light and airy feel while also being sophisticated and elegant. If you’re planning a wedding and a tent rental is something that you have been considering, contact a rental company in your area, such as Mountain View Tent Company, to find out what wedding packages they...

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Out Of Ideas For Your Teenager’s Party? 4 Things You Need For The Perfect Paintball Party

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Planning a birthday party for a teenager can be tough, especially if you want the party to be memorable – in a good way. A good party can boost your teen’s self-esteem and carry them all the way through an entire school year. A great party is high-energy and filled with endless excitement. If you’re still stuck for ideas, you should consider a backyard paintball party. If you’re concerned about providing paintball guns for all the guests, you don’t have to. Simply make the party BYOPBG – bring your own paint ball gun. When sending out the invitations, be sure to include a list of sporting goods stores in the area that sell or rent paintball equipment.  Here’s a list of everything else you’ll need to plan the perfect paintball party. Barricades No paintball party is complete without the right amount of barricades. The barricades allow participants to take cover while they’re lining up their next shot. You can design your own play zone using bales of hay. Most feed stores will deliver hay right to your home. To create your play zone, decide what portions of your yard you want to use.  Set bales of hay up in random places around the yard. For the best protection, each barricade should be two bales high. Protective Gear When planning a paintball party, it’s important that you plan for the safety of your guests. Paintball is a fun sport. However, it does require a certain amount of protective gear. Participants should have a pair of protective goggles and a helmet. If your guests don’t have their own paintball helmets, they can use their bicycle helmets instead. You can hand out protective goggles as part of the party favors. Ammunition Your kids are going to go through a lot of paintballs at the party. Paintballs are stored in a hopper that’s attached to the paintball gun. Each hopper can hold about 200 paintballs, which will last for one round of play. To make sure the paintballs don’t run out, you should have several cases on hand. CO2 Tanks Paintball guns are powered by individual CO2 cartridges. Most cartridges are refillable, which makes them last longer. You can have a CO2 tank delivered to your home so you can refill the cartridges as many times as you need to. You can rent portable CO2 tanks from most party supply companies like Arizona Air Boutique Inc. You want your teenager’s party to be memorable. A paintball play zone will make it a party they won’t forget. Use this simple list to make sure you get everything you’ll need to make it the perfect...

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Floral Expressions Of Sympathy In Other Cultures And Religions

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When a dear friend passes away, it’s natural to feel a sense of loss and to begin to mourn. You may want to express your feelings of sympathy through sending a floral arrangement to the funeral home or to your friend’s home. In an increasingly diverse world, however, there is a possibility that your friend may be of a culture or religion different from your own.  You may not be familiar with the funeral customs of other cultures, and now is not the time to make a miss-step that could not only fail to show proper respect and sympathy, but that could actually insult your friend’s loved ones. Read on for a guide on how to properly honor various cultures and religions at funerals, gravesides and wakes. Protestant: Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Lutherans Floral displays with large, showy flowers may be sent to the funeral home, and these displays will often then be transported to the graveside. Only the family of the deceased chooses flowers for the top of the casket. A live plant sent to the family home is becoming quite popular, and will provide a lasting tribute. Roman Catholic Flowers are sent to the family home or to the funeral home. The flowers should be more somber and toned down in color and size. Wreaths, crosses and hearts shapes are appropriate styles for this situation. Jewish Flowers are not appropriate for the burial or sent to the home. Baskets of kosher food may be sent or carried to the home, and personal visits to the family home are welcome while the family mourns, or sits “Shiva” for seven days after the death. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) Floral displays may be sent to the funeral home using the traditional displays with one main exception; no displays whatsoever in the shape of a cross, as LDS members do not typically use the traditional cross as a symbol of their faith.  Asian White or yellow chrysanthemums are the traditional flower. In China, Japan and Korea white mums are a symbol of grief. Never wear red to an Asian funeral, since that color is reserved for happy occasions. Muslim Islamic and Muslin followers can have diverse traditions, so contacting a family member of the deceased is vital. Some may prefer charitable donations be made on the deceased’s behalf instead of flowers. Whether or not you choose to send flowers, a handwritten note is always a kind and appropriate gesture. The above guidelines should help give you an overview of appropriate ways to express your sympathy with flowers and other means. Sending a tribute, from a company like Aladdin’s Florist & Wedding Chapel, to celebrate a friend’s life will help you deal with the loss and will provide comfort to the family members....

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Business Meeting Venues: What You Should Know

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When you are in charge of planning and organizing your next big business meeting or conference, you have several important decisions to make. Whether the meeting is about training or retraining staff, or is a way to introduce new policies and business model adjustments, there are a variety of decisions that you will have to make in the process. One of the most important of these decisions is your choice of venue. Before you just give up and keep your next business meeting at the office, get to know some of the venue options for your business meeting or conference. Then, you can make the best decision for you and your business. A Restaurant Private Room One of the business meeting venues that you can choose for your next big business meeting or conference is a private room in a local restaurant. This is ideal to keep the business meeting fun and casual while still keeping your staff focused on the issues at hand. By renting out a private room at a restaurant, you will get helpful staff who will assist with setting up the room according to your business’s needs. Additionally, you will also be able to provide your staff with a meal. Feeding your staff at a business meeting will help them to feel as if the company cares about their needs and as such will work to encourage staff to pay attention to the information provided them. A Conference Center Sometimes your business meeting or conference will be more extensive than the hour or two you can rent a restaurant private room for. Additionally, you may require more accommodations than those rooms may provide. If you need projectors, televisions, computers, and the like for you and your staff, or if you require a larger space to hold all of the people in attendance, then a conference center may be your best bet. Conference centers are usually attached to or operate much like hotels. They provide large spaces for your business meetings and can even provide sleeping and dining accommodations if the conference or business meeting will need to go on for more than one day. In the case of extensive staff retraining, this would be the ideal situation. By providing accommodations for your staff that is in the same building as the conference or meeting, you will make the entire process more convenient for you and your staff. The sleeping quarters and dining options at these conference centers are often of the highest quality and your staff will appreciate the convenience and the comforts provided. Now that you know a few of the options for your next business meeting or conference venue, you can choose the right one for you and your business. Remember that making your staff happy is key to keeping them interested in and engaged with the business meeting content, so choose your venue...

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